Looking back: Series of lathed records from Sigmun

Reflecting back, we were practically dormant and unproductive this year, aside from working on a few lathed records releases with Sigmun. But we had fun, and also managed to scheme some new releases with more local acts. Among them are Jirapah, Polka Wars, and Glovvess.

Uncertainties are still clouding our path for the new releases, so we can’t say anything right now about the future. Plus, one of us is moving abroad for a while (note: this might be a hint for new releases abroad), so we’re currently in this ‘hectic’ phase of our lives.

A summary of 2013 releases:

OC-002A: “AERIAL CHATEAU” (single) 8-inch lathed record

We released a single from Sigmun in form of eight-inch lathed records in April. As the guys from Sigmun have a knack for quirky things, we decided to make only 5 copies of these, hand-cut in Minneapolis. Each comes with download codes and different colours, selected individually.


Sold out

(Duh, it’s only 5 copies)

OC-002B: “CEREBRO” 12-inch lathed record

Sigmun was touring Singapore and Malaysia in June, and as a mean of support, we re-released their (formally) first EP, ‘Cerebro’. We have also chipped in a bonus track in the release, the longer version of “The Long Haul”, that is also featured in the 2012 Three Way Split. The 12″ copies were meant to be lugged around with them through the tour, but as fate decided (read: Indonesian Customs and Post Office), the copies did not arrive in time.


20 copies were hand-cut in New Zealand, and 1 among them (unnumbered copy) was given away as prize for a quiz in OZ Radio’s Substereo. The rest were sold at the 21st December show when they were supporting the mighty SATAN! from Singapore.

‘Cerebro’ 12″ clear lathe comes with an additional insert artwork done by Haikal Azizi (Sigmun’s vocalist/guitarist), numbered, and housed in a prescription drug bag (it is practically drug in its own way, ahah). These were only sold on the spot at their gigs.

Sold out

We did not accommodate any mail orders due to some reasons for the lathed records, but we will be able to, soon, for further releases.

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Have a merry christmas.

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